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Parental Alienation campaigners meet with High Court Judge in the Family Division

The ongoing campaign to tackle the issue of Parental Alienation moved forward again last week. Following on from a previous meeting with the Justice Minister Paul Maynard MP, a group of cross-party politicians and campaigners; Neil McEvoy AM, Ivan Lewis MP and Andrew Bridgen MP, met with Sir Stephen Cobb – High Court Judge in the Family Division to discuss Parental Alienation. Sir Stephen is a member of the Ministry of Justice Safeguarding Inquiry Panel [i] and the architect of the latest proposals from the President of the Family Division[ii] – Sir Andrew McFarlane – on Private Law.
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My expulsion: what you need to know

The evening of Beaujolais Day in Cardiff in November 2016, a Labour politician a bit worse for wear, seemed pleased telling me that he would not want to be me in the New Year. He said that everything was already in place and I would find out as soon as the campaign for the local elections began. On Friday 3rd March 2017 I was found guilty of bullying a council eviction officer by a handpicked Ombudsman Tribunal Panel, or Show Trial, for saying on 21st July 2015 that a Cardiff Plaid led Council would restructure the organisation. The complaint came not from the officer, but from a Labour councillor. The public saw through the nonsense, the great shame is that Plaid Cymru Chair Alun Ffred could not. The harsh reality was that a poor family was unjustly thrown out of their home. The Council had presented incorrect evidence to court and my constituents suffered. Carrying their belongings with them out of their home, whilst the family and neighbours were crying, was the worst experience of my political life.
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Welsh government must not ignore police concerns about smacking ban

Neil McEvoy, Independent AM for South Wales Central, has called on the Government not to ignore concerns about banning smacking.Citing a letter from a serving senior police officer sent to AMs this week (see below), Mr McEvoy said, “There are real concerns about how workable this smacking ban is going to be. Here we’ve got an experienced police officer writing to AMs saying the majority of officers think it is dangerous to pull front-line officers into allegations of a mum tapping her toddler on the behind, or indeed parents in general doing this. They just don’t have the time for this. As he says the ‘front-line is creaking as it is’.
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This starts with you

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