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Welsh National Party to Vote for the Future

Cardiff Council Welsh National Party Councillors will propose a £3 million increase in spending on youth services over the next two years at Cardiff Council’s budget meeting today, Thursday 27th February. The proposal comes in the form of an amendment to the ruling Labour Group’s budget.
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Neil McEvoy AM forces vote to save A&E services at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

The Leader of the Welsh National Party, Neil McEvoy AM, has forced the Labour government to vote on an amendment that could save A&E services at Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Over 9,000 people have already signed a petition to the Petitions Committee of the Senedd calling for the Welsh Government to intervene to protect services. Mr McEvoy sits on the Petitions Committee and has stated that he supports the campaigners in their fight to protect local services.
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Public outcry over Ombudsman investigation into Neil McEvoy

There has been a public outcry on social media over an investigation by the Public Services Ombudsman into Neil McEvoy AM. The investigation has come about after a private care home, which cannot be named for legal reasons, complained about Mr McEvoy to the Ombudsman. The company claimed Mr McEvoy had been too “demanding” when he approached the business after the Assembly Member received allegations of abuse against a child in their care. The Ombudsman then investigated and referred the case to the Standards & Ethics Committee at Cardiff Council, where Mr McEvoy is also a Councillor.
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