Why I withdrew my Plaid Cymru membership application

Below is my letter to Plaid explaining my reasons for withdrawing my application to re-join Plaid Cymru.

Given the way the process has been conducted I concluded that the only outcome of the panel would have been permanent expulsion. Just some of the issues included finally being told I was allowed legal representation with only two working days before the second panel. This is something I had asked for from before I was even expelled. And the hearing panel members were only confirmed the afternoon before the hearing was meant to take place, which included members with a proven pre-existing hostility against me.

I believe allowing this panel to expel me would have had a very damaging and divisive impact on Plaid Cymru and the Welsh national movement at a time when we need to come together.

There has been real confusion over why I was expelled in the first place and even more over the process overseeing my application. Grassroots members know that during my expulsion my behaviour has led to an increase in membership, increase in interest in sovereignty and Plaid actually winning elections in Cardiff.

It is also clear that I have significant support from members across Wales who want to see me back in the party. I’m not prepared to turn my back on these members and allow a handpicked panel of people who had pre-existing hostility against me to permanently expel me.

We need to be coming together as a party to win in 2021, including the opportunity of defeating Wales’ First Minister and winning Plaid’s first seat in the capital.

I encourage members to stay in the party and push to improve it.

I’ll now be offering mediation to the party so that we can work this situation through and get the party where it needs to be to win in 2021. We can’t keep playing games and letting personal issues divide us. We need to do what is right for the party and the country.

Neil McEvoy application

Neil McEvoy application



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