Welsh National Party to Vote for the Future

Cardiff Council Welsh National Party Councillors will propose a £3 million increase in spending on youth services over the next two years at Cardiff Council’s budget meeting today, Thursday 27th February.

The proposal comes in the form of an amendment to the ruling Labour Group’s budget.

WNP Councillors

Cllr Parry, leader of the WNP Council Group, said:

“I do not understand why Labour councillors are proposing to put £3 million extra into reserves, whilst starving the youth service. They are like squirrels hiding their nuts for a rainy day, without realising it is pouring with rain today. Now is the time to invest in our future generations and to offer Youth Services the funding that is so viciously cut.”

The WNP suggests that the £3m could be invested back in Cardiff’s communities to discourage issues such as knife crime which has seen a significant rise in recent years, with the rise of gang culture across the city.

Cllr McEvoy said:

“When I was part of the leadership of Cardiff Council we ran and funded 22 youth centres. Labour closed 20 of them. We now just have two. As Leader of the Welsh National Party, I am proud that our Group has chosen to vote for the future with our first action.

"The young are our future. The WNP will invest in them. Over 2 years, we want to see £3 million extra put in to give our young people a better future.”

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