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The worst house in Cardiff

I launched the #empty1000 campaign after it emerged there were well over 1,000 long-term empty properties in Cardiff, with 27,000 across Wales. Long-term empty means no-one has lived in them for over six months.

It was particularly disappointing to see that in 2017-2018 Cardiff Council had the worst record in Wales, in terms of bringing these homes back into use. The council managed just 0.8% in a year, a total of 10. But at the same time Cardiff Council is trashing green fields to build new housing that local people can’t afford, while neglecting the empty housing already here. Other Councils performed much better than Cardiff, although the picture across Wales was poor.

Most of the properties are privately owned. But where private properties are long-term empty, councils have a range of powers to bring them back into use.

That can include helping owners are struggling with finance. But councils also have powers where owners of long-term empty properties are uncooperative, including Empty Dwelling Management Orders.

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