Radioactive mud petition reaches 5,000 signatures


A petition to suspend a licence that would allow potentially radioactive mud from Hinkley Point nuclear reactor to be dumped in Welsh waters has reached 5,000 signatures.

Under Assembly rules, the National Assembly will now have to debate suspending the licence in a full plenary meeting.

The petition was established by marine radiation expert Tim Deere-Jones after Neil McEvoy AM exposed the plans in the National Assembly.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Environment would not comment on the individual licence but stated all licences are granted within legal requirements.

But there is significant concern that the mud has not been properly tested. The licence was signed without an Environmental Impact Assessment and without full involvement on Natural Resources Wales, the environmental watchdog. And only surface samples have been taken, rather than core samples, where radiation is likely to be higher.

Neil McEvoy AM said:

“This is real people power. Not many petitions to the National Assembly reach the 5,000 mark and so it shows the level of concern people have.

“It’s not okay for mud from outside a nuclear reactor to be dumped in Wales without the most thorough testing being done.

“That’s not the kind of future I want for my country. We need a modern economy built on skills and knowledge, not taking the waste other people don’t want.

“The Labour Welsh Government must now listen. They need to get this mud properly tested and they need to stop being reckless with radiation.” 

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