Petition launched to revoke radioactive dumping licence in Welsh waters


Neil McEvoy AM is backing a petition launched in the National Assembly to suspend a license that will allow 300,000 tonnes of potentially radioactive mud to be dumped into Welsh Waters.

The material set to be dredged comes from the coast just off the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset.

The samples of the mud that were tested were only carried out on the surface. Core sampling carried out in other areas of the Irish Sea has shown deeper levels of mud often carry much higher levels of radiation. 

The license for the dredging has been issued by the Welsh Government despite warnings that surface samples contain the lowest levels of contamination.

Crucially, no Environmental Impact Assessment was conducted by the Natural Resources Wales, the environmental watchdog for Wales.

The petition will call for a suspension of the Welsh Government license until a full investigation into the toxicity of the mud has been carried out by Natural Resources Wales.

Neil McEvoy AM said:

“I’m very pleased that this petition has been launched by an expert in marine radiation. I really hope it reaches 5,000 signatures so that we’ll have to have a debate on this issue in the Welsh Parliament.

“I believe the threat of radioactive contamination is unacceptable, especially when no Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out.

“Wales isn’t some dumping ground for material dredged up from a decades old nuclear power plant. That’s not the kind of future we should aspire to for our country.

“This is a completely unnecessary risk. The Cabinet Secretary now needs to revoke the dumping licence, until a full and proper study of the potentially radioactive material has been carried out by Natural Resources Wales?”

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