Calls to tackle parental alienation in Wales


Neil McEvoy AM, along with Assembly Members from across Wales, have called for legislation to support shared parenting and tackle parental alienation. Seven Assembly Members from different parties introduced a motion that will focus on recognising parental alienation as emotional abuse of children, with a view to legislation being adopted in future.

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Petition launched to revoke radioactive dumping licence in Welsh waters


Neil McEvoy AM is backing a petition launched in the National Assembly to suspend a license that will allow 300,000 tonnes of potentially radioactive mud to be dumped into Welsh Waters.

The material set to be dredged comes from the coast just off the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset.

The samples of the mud that were tested were only carried out on the surface. Core sampling carried out in other areas of the Irish Sea has shown deeper levels of mud often carry much higher levels of radiation. 

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Toxic Labour to let nuclear power plant material be dumped in Wales


Neil McEvoy AM has called for a licence issued by the Welsh Government to be revoked after it emerged no Environmental Impact Assessment had been carried out by the Welsh environment watchdog.

The licence allows material dredged from the shores of the Hinkley Point nuclear power station to be dumped in Welsh waters, just off Cardiff. The material is being dredged to make way for the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor, to be built by the Chinese Government.

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Neil McEvoy objects to the Barry Incinerator proposal


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for South Wales Central, Neil McEvoy, has formally objected to the proposed biomass incinerator in Barry.

The proposed incinerator would see waste being burned in order to generate energy. The waste would need to be transported through the town in order to be delivered to the Barry Docks site, where the plant would be built.

In his objection to the environmental watchdog, Natural Resources Wales, Mr McEvoy said:

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