Cross Party Group on BOXING March 21st 2018


Cysgod-lun o Baffwyr / Silhouette of Boxers

The Cross Party Group on Boxing will be in Committee Room 5, Tŷ Hywel, Cardiff Bay, CF99 1NA, on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018, 6.30 for 7-8pm (please arrive before the start time, to pass through security).

Special Guest: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM

To Book (places limited, booking is FREE but ESSENTIAL) click below (opens in new browser window): 

CPG Boxing Tickets

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What's hidden in the Hinkley mud?

Hinkley Power Station from offshore (c) Reading Tom

What’s Hiding in Hinkley’s Mud?

Fresh doubts were raised at Neil McEvoy AM’s weekly press briefing (13/02/2018) about tests made for radioactivity in the mud which energy company EDF proposes to dump in Cardiff’s inshore waters this summer.

Neil McEvoy AM invited independent researchers Dr Chris Busby, Tim Deere-Jones and Richard Bramhall to present new evidence at his weekly briefing for the Welsh media in the Assembly. They voiced concerns that previous findings of radioactive particles in river mud near Hinkley and Sellafield nuclear power plants should have been matched in data relied on for issuing EDF’s licence to dump, but were not.

They claimed this strongly suggests that important evidence has been missed, overlooked or possibly left out, with recent testing limited in its scope and unable to detect the ‘hot particles’ of plutonium, uranium and other nuclides that can lead to a legacy of dangerous effects. They pointed out that the limited set of most recent samples have been destroyed and cannot be re-tested.

Together they called for the internationally recognised precautionary principle to apply – that as there is an unknown but predictable potential risk from sediment at the outfall of a nuclear facility where levels of radioactive particles have increased, adequate testing of the mud must take place there before EDF removes 300,000 tonnes for dumping in water only 2.8 km from Cardiff.

Neil McEvoy AM said “I’m not in a position to be able to endorse these findings, but I believe they raise questions which, despite my pressing the relevant bodies and the Labour government in the Assembly repeatedly, have so far gone unanswered. If the answers are known, they should be made public – if they are not known, then the dumping should not go ahead until tests are done.

“The costs of testing are trivial when set against the potential health costs should the bland reassurances given turn out to be mistaken. Not only will the health of people along the length of the south Wales coast, and Cardiff in particular, be put at risk, but also wildlife in an internationally important and protected location”.


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A Sovereign Welsh Parliament - Let's Get It Done!

My response to Labour's broken budget proposals.

A sovereign Welsh Parliament making laws in all areas for everyone in Wales.

Let's Get It Done! (#LGID)


The Kurds Need Wales' Support


Michael O'Brien - Cardiff Newsagent 3 - Joins Plaid


Roath Residents Stand by Their Trees

Neil McEvoy AM with Roath Tree Protesters holding placards


Roath Brook Community will carry on protesting the felling of scores of mature trees in Roath Brook and Roath Mill Gardens (Cardiff) by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

Neil McEvoy AM (Assembly Member for South Wales Central)after meeting again with the residents’ group, said that following a resumption of protest actions (at 8.00 a.m.on Monday January 8th) the Minister has agreed to meet the campaigners (January 9th).

Tweet from @IoloWilliams2

Naturalist Iolo Williams supports Roath Trees

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FOR International Men’s Day 2017, UK and Welsh experts have been invited to speak at an event in Cardiff Bay (Friday 17th November, at 6.00pm, Rooms C&D, Tŷ Hywel) to be chaired by Neil McEvoy AM (South Wales Central).

Neil McEvoy AM announcing the event said “International Men's Day, held every year in at least 60 countries around November 19th, was established as an opportunity to share objectives such as improving men's health, wellbeing and family relations and addressing areas of concern such as poorer health outcomes for men.

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My week in Neil McEvoy AM’s office


This week I have been doing some work experience with Neil McEvoy and his staff. I decided to do this work experience as I am currently studying Politics in University and wish to pursue a political career in the future. Before starting I was unsure on what political jobs entailed as I hadn’t had much personal experience in politics to date. 

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Neil McEvoy appeals suspension from Plaid Cymru Assembly group


Neil McEvoy AM has confirmed that he has appealed his suspension from the Plaid Cymru group in the National Assembly.

Under Plaid Cymru standing orders, an Assembly Member suspended from the Assembly group can make an appeal to the party’s National Executive Committee to be reinstated.

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Radioactive mud petition reaches 5,000 signatures


A petition to suspend a licence that would allow potentially radioactive mud from Hinkley Point nuclear reactor to be dumped in Welsh waters has reached 5,000 signatures.

Under Assembly rules, the National Assembly will now have to debate suspending the licence in a full plenary meeting.

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