Neil McEvoy objects to the Barry Incinerator proposal


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for South Wales Central, Neil McEvoy, has formally objected to the proposed biomass incinerator in Barry.

The proposed incinerator would see waste being burned in order to generate energy. The waste would need to be transported through the town in order to be delivered to the Barry Docks site, where the plant would be built.

In his objection to the environmental watchdog, Natural Resources Wales, Mr McEvoy said:

‘I am writing to strongly object to the… proposed development, for a biomass plant in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

‘Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales’ vision for Barry is not one in which large volumes of waste is burnt in order to generate energy. Barry is a town fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful seas, a blue flagged beach in Whitmore Bay and beautiful countryside. Tourists flock to Barry and residents enjoy the natural assets the town has. Positioning a large biomass plant on the seafront in Barry risks harming Barry’s growing reputation as a premier seaside destination and place to live.

‘The risk of pollution from the proposed development is serious and emissions could have a damaging impact on local resident’s health.

‘The impact on the local road network could lead to severe congestion, with the need to bring large numbers of vehicles into Barry to regularly supply the plant.

‘I encourage Natural Resources Wales, in the strongest possible terms, to reject the application for a biomass plant in Barry and respect the wishes of Barry residents.’

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