Neil McEvoy calls for more support for male victims of emotional and domestic abuse

Neil McEvoy domestic support

Independent Assembly Member, Neil McEvoy, has called for more Welsh Government support for male victims of emotional and domestic abuse, in an effort to reduce the number of men who take their own life.

The South Wales Central AM has introduced two amendments to a debate on Wednesday. The debate is on the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee report on suicide prevention in Wales.

Mr McEvoy’s amendments call for the National Assembly for Wales to acknowledge that ‘hidden emotional domestic abuse of men can be a factor in the high suicide rate’ and calls on the Welsh Government to ‘address the lack of non-judgemental domestic abuse support for men in Wales as part of its strategy on suicide prevention, as a matter of urgency.’

Speaking ahead of the vote on the amendments Mr McEvoy said:

“Many people are now becoming aware of the significant problem of male suicide, which is the biggest killer of young men in Wales. But many people are much less aware of men suffering from emotional and domestic abuse, which can become so severe men take their own lives.

“While much more needs to be done, progress has been made on tackling domestic and emotional abuse targeting women. But progress has been slower when it comes to domestic abuse targeting men.

“Figures by the ManKind Initiative show that up to a third of victims of domestic abuse are men. It’s a real problem that we need to talk about. But more than that it’s a problem we’ve got to try to do something about.

“I hope my amendments will be supported by all Assembly Members so we can take action to save lives and end the suffering of those enduring emotional and domestic abuse.”

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