FOR International Men’s Day 2017, UK and Welsh experts have been invited to speak at an event in Cardiff Bay (Friday 17th November, at 6.00pm, Rooms C&D, Tŷ Hywel) to be chaired by Neil McEvoy AM (South Wales Central).

Neil McEvoy AM announcing the event said “International Men's Day, held every year in at least 60 countries around November 19th, was established as an opportunity to share objectives such as improving men's health, wellbeing and family relations and addressing areas of concern such as poorer health outcomes for men.

“In launching this International Men’s Day event in Wales I wanted to highlight the issue of male suicide.  This meeting was arranged prior to the recent tragic death of Carl Sargeant AM. We had considered cancelling the event, but on balance, we feel that it’s important that it goes ahead.

“The reasons for men killing themselves in Wales are complex and varied. Many men have thought of making an attempt, but have not sought help. Our event will discuss issues such as addiction, domestic abuse and a lack of available support. People will be sharing their personal experiences and ideas how to address the situation.”

“Assembly Members see constituents needing help with housing, debt or other issues as a result of family breakdowns, mental other chronic health problems - but some men can be too reluctant to ask for the right help (or find it too difficult to get). We need to be aware how we as AMs can help and how we can do better in areas where men need additional support and that we ourselves can be at risk.”

“I believe this event will be a valued contribution from Wales to International Men's Day, joining hundreds of others worldwide. Our meeting is open to fellow Assembly Members and the public, bringing us together to talk about how we can address the inequalities and complex issues that contribute towards suicides in Wales.

The expert speakers will consider different factors in male suicide:

  • Erin Pizzey, lifelong domestic abuse campaigner, founder of the UK's first women’s refuge;
  • Wynford Ellis Owen, founder of community based recovery centre 'The Living Room', expert on addictions and people failing to cope;
  • Nicola Abraham, Director The Jacob Abraham Foundation, who lost her son through suicide and now works with vulnerable people, raises awareness, promotes positive mental health and supports those bereaved through suicide in South Wales;

The meeting is open to the public and free (booking essential through by 4.30pm Thursday November 16th or phone T: 0300 200 7434 ) and will be held at Tŷ Hywel, Conference Rooms C&D, Cardiff Bay (6.00pm refreshments for 6.30pm start). Attendees should allow ten minutes for checking-in. 

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