Vote to end unethical puppy farming in Wales

Neil McEvoy with puppy welfare campaigners
Neil McEvoy AM with animal welfare campaigners at the National Assembly for Wales

Independent Assembly Member Neil McEvoy has introduced an amendment to a motion in the National Assembly for Wales calling for the end of puppy farming.

The practice of battery farming dogs for sale is already set to be banned in England. Intensive breeding of dogs can mean hundreds of animals living in very cramped conditions, with female dogs forced to breed multiple litters a year.

An Early Day Motion on the issue, introduced in the Westminster Parliament in December 2017, achieved significant cross-party support. That led to the Environment Minister, Michael Gove, announcing in August 2018 that the practice of battery puppy farming would be ended in England, through a ban on third-party sales.

No such legislation has been announced for Wales, where the issue is devolved to the National Assembly. As a result, Neil McEvoy AM, has added an amendment to a motion on animal welfare. The amendment would insert a new sub point to the motion to call on the Welsh Government to ‘ban third-party puppy sales to end unethical puppy farming.’

Speaking ahead of the vote, Neil McEvoy AM said:

“It’s really not okay that we have dogs living in horrible conditions and being forced to breed over and over again.

“Puppies need the best start in life and that means coming from the many breeders who care about animal welfare, rather than those who see dogs simply as a pay check.”

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