NEIL McEVOY AM’s staff will be given the day off on St. David’s Day to celebrate Wales and take the opportunity, as the saying of our Patron Saint goes, to ‘do the little things’.

"I’m calling on all employers, as far as they can, to offer their employees a holiday on St David’s Day. Let’s take this opportunity to enjoy living in Wales and all that is good about being part of our country and nation. This can be celebrated by people of all origins and faiths alike – it’s a day we can celebrate the best of Wales together" said McEvoy.

Neil McEvoy AM will be joining the National Saint David’s Day Parade (01/03/2018) in Cardiff, commencing at 12.30 p.m. from City Hall, King Edward VII Avenue and going first to Queen Street, finishing at the Hayes:



“I’ve been calling for St David’s Day to be made a National Holiday for many years. All the governments in Westminster would rather have had us celebrate ‘Trafalgar Day’ than concede we should decide ourselves how we celebrate our national identity" said Neil McEvoy AM. 

“The only reason we haven’t been granted our wish is the personal whim of prime ministers like Gordon Brown for Labour and David Cameron for the Conservatives refusing when asked to recognise the Wales wide support for a St David’s Day holiday.

For more details on the route of the National Saint David’s Day Parade in Cardiff:

And remember #stdavidsday !

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